Orphans’ outing December 2017

Orphans’ Outing 2 - Durrat Baghdad Marina This activity is the second free recreational trip for orphans, was organised jointly by Croydon School for Arabic and Kurdish Studies - UK, Nobles Charitable Foundation - Baghdad, and the marina’s authority. We provided a coach to transport 40 Orphans and their parents to the park and back home. After spending a nice time on all the rides and the water ride tour, we held a competition, face painting, and various educational activities. Then, lunch was served with soft drinks for all the attendees. They were then transported back to their homes, for their comfort and safety, after having spent a special day filled with joy and happiness. Venue: Durrat Baghdad Family Marina - Iraq Implement agency: Nobles charitable foundation within the framework of the joint cooperation with Croydon school for Arabic and Kurdish studies. Date: Saturday, 23/12/2017 Number of participants: 40 orphans and [...]