Oral and dental health of orphans

Oral and dental health of orphans Children always need more care and attention in order to enjoy a good health, as their health in childhood is reflected on them when they become older, and this is why Croydon School for Arabic and Kurdish Studies sponsored an awareness lecture on dental health, organised by Nobles Charitable Foundation. The dentist Dr. Mustafa Al-Kelabi, lectured about cleaning teeth properly with brushes and toothpaste correctly, every day, because this care is the most important way to maintain oral and dental hygiene and prevent tooth decay and any diseases that may result from it. After the lecture. Dr. Al-Kalabi, performed a free examination for all students, after which toothpastes and toothbrushes were distributed to them. Venue: Wasit Primary School for girls - Sadr City - Baghdad. Implement agency: Nobles charitable foundation within the framework of the joint cooperation with Croydon school for Arabic [...]