Stationery for Orphans 2017

Stationery for Orphans - Activities in 2017 Based on its firm belief in education for children as an investment in the future and hope, and in order to provide knowledge for every child, Croydon School for Arabic and Kurdish Studies helps orphans to continue their studies through many and varied educational charitable projects, perhaps the most prominent of which is the project to provide school supplies and stationary, which is part of the main campaign of our school Educational projects for orphans. With the support of our school. Nobles Charitable Foundation distributed aid, which included school clothes, stationary, bags, notebooks and other useful educational gifts, to students who are orphans and needy, with each of them being also given a sum of money to buy what they need. In 2017 this project was implemented in four schools in Baghdad. These schools are: توفير المستلزمات المدرسية والقرطاسية - [...]