The Arabic School (CSAKS) is always seeking to progress and gain the highest possible level in it’s teaching field. Our teachers put in a lot of effort to achieve this, however the support from parents is always important too, particularly in ensuring that the school’s rules and guidelines are followed, as this is a vital pillar for the success of our school and in-turn the education of your children. To achieve this the school has decided to take measures against the student should they violate some of the school’s important rules and guidelines, which were discussed and reiterated in previous parents meetings, these are as follows:

1- The first lesson is to start at 10AM. All students must attend the school on time; as late comers will disturb their classes, pupils who are late will not be allowed to attend the first lesson if they are 30 minutes late, and therefore the school will not be responsible for the decline in any pupil’s level.

2- The last lesson will end at 13:50 and the building must be vacated by 14:00 exactly, all parents must pick-up their children before 14:00, as the school will not be held responsible for supervising the children after this time.

3- The school fees must be paid on the first day of each new term (3 terms each academic year).
Thank you for your continuous co-operation.