These are some of the testimonials that we have received by few of our students. If you have a story to tell share yours.
“Since my son joined Arabic school 2 years ago, he improved so much, I am happy with the school and the team.”
“My son joined this school 3 years ago, I am happy that he can read and write Arabic.”
“My son started in reception 4 years ago. As an English-only speaking household, his progress has been slower than others. He repeated year 1 to consolidate his learning and will also repeat year 2, as the pace that he has been a little too fast for him. However, it is good that the school can be accommodating in this way to ensure that he becomes more confident in this language. He enjoys reading the suras and reciting them in class.”
“My kids started Arabic school 3 years ago, first my son then my daughter, both didn’t have any Arabic background and now, there is a big improvement.”
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